A special poem has been written about the Town of Trenton by

 Mary B. Hoadley from Raleigh and appeared in the

 NEWS & OBSERVER under “Today’s N. C. Poem” 9-19-1964.




Want to see a little old town

With the cloth of the old South on it

I go through it every week or so

Trenton on the Trent they call it.


The two main streets are lined with live oaks

Forming a lovely leafy arch

The pond which skirts around the houses

Is full of cypress and hanging Spanish moss.


The people who live here, I don’t know them

They may be biased, prejudiced folks

But I think they’re good old country people

Come to live where someone’s close.


I’d like to get to know them really

They have such neat and charming homes

White with tall and stately pillars

But doorbells ring in beckoning tones.


The stores don’t look too extra thriving

Though they serve the people well

Gracious overhangs are provided

For you to stroll, or look, even sit to sell.


Trenton on the Trent they call it

Not very large by any means

Just a little town—stopped growing

Still the cloth of the old South’s on it.